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After years of banging our heads against the brick walls of the industry, we signed a deal with Moviebox Label/Kamlee Records in ’03 – it was an amazing feeling to know that we finally had the recognition & backing we needed. A pure exploration of our vocal, instrumental & production skills resulted in our 1st album, The Tape*, with an explosion of sounds; from the heavy dhol beats & crisp vocals of authentic bhangra, to garage & a bit of reggae. 2 years, 1 album & 2 babies later, we’re on the 2nd leg of our journey. New album, new sounds, same us…listen out in ‘07.

Gurdev (Dave) and Gurmail (Gum), Manchester, M16

* : Album name inspired by our impatient dad who kept on at us about when the “tehp” would be ready.
For further info. and bookings, call M16 management on    t: 07791973618 or
  t: 07975643761